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Slutwalk Burlington!

Slutwalk Burlington!

Because we’ve had enough.

A new women’s movement is taking the world by storm. Toronto women kicked it off with a “SlutWalk” in April, to demonstrate their anger over a police officer’s remark that women could avoid sexual assault if they stopped “dressing like sluts.” Inspired by their example, thousands upon thousands more women and men have organized their own SlutWalks, from Boston to Asheville to London to New Delhi. Discussions about why rape happens–and how to stop it–have reached even the most unlikely mainstream media sources.
And this movement is growing in Vermont. Fed Up Vermont, a coalition formed this summer to fight for women’s equality, has been organizing SlutWalk for September 24 at noon. We’re a small (but growing!) group, and we want you to join us in building this event. There is much to be done: publicity, outreach, fundraising, logistics coordination, workshop organizing, and much, much more.
Date and time: Saturday, September 24, 12-3 PM
Place: Starts at the Democracy Statue, Courthouse Plaza, 199 Main Street (between Church St. and South Winooski Ave.), Burlington
            Ends at Battery Park, Burlington

How to get involved:

Meet: We meet every Sunday at 5 PM at Maglianero’s (47 Maple St., Burlington). Come bring your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.

Spread the word: Invite all your friends on Facebook: [SlutWalk Burlington (OFFICIAL)]

Donate: Printing flyers, getting permits, spreading the word… it all takes cash. Contact us to find out where (and to whom) to address a check. Or organize a fundraiser in the coming month!
Check us out: 
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And finally… fight back! We think a world where women control their own bodies, without apology, is possible, but only if we organize and speak out. Join the movement against sexual violence today!
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