Get the Facts About Crisis Pregnancy Center

Here is some “light reading” about the well-documented tendency of Crisis Pregnancy Centers to manipulate and mislead their clients, in the interests of their larger ideological (Christian, anti-abortion) agenda (all links are PDF downloads):

NARAL Report on Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Congressional Report on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Investigation of Claims made by NYC CPCs, 2010


2 responses to “Get the Facts About Crisis Pregnancy Center

  • Angela Moody

    I read your posts. You sound very defensive. You might want to examine your reasons for feeling so defensive. Could it be that way, way deep down in the core of your being you recognize the fact that a fetus looks like it does at 12 weeks. Perhaps you also feel defensive about being an atheist. Do you really believe that there’s NOTHING?

    You said you’re an atheist and I’m sorry for that. If you walked into a Pregnancy Care Center and they asked you questions you thought were impertinent and nosy, just remember that they don’t know who YOU are and need to ask questions to find out what you need. Unlike Planned Parenthood they don’t get Federal funding so they do what they do on a shoestring budget. Unlike Planned Parenthood they CARE about what they do and the women who walk into their center. The women who go there are not numbers, they’re people they REALLY want to help if they can.

    • FedUpVT

      You’re sorry I’m an atheist? That’s interesting, I have no particular feelings of pity or approval for people who are theists, I just think they’re mistaken about the existence of supernatural beings.

      In any case, I’ve been to Planned Parenthood, and I was pregnant, and I did end up getting an abortion. At no point did any of the care providers ask me questions about my sex life, other than the basics to establish how far along I was in my pregnancy, and nobody EVER asked me about my religious beliefs.

      But, you know, keep on telling yourself comfortable lies to avoid confronting the truth. It’s what people like you are good at.

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