Press Release about the Rally for Reproductive Rights: Noon on Saturday July 9

Outraged by the Congressional attempts to destroy women’s reproductive rights and economic attacks on women and children, Fed Up Vermont has formed to fight back and reaffirm women’s rights to control their own bodies.

Our first action will be a press conference and Rally for Reproductive Rights on the steps of Burlington City Hall on July 9th at Noon.

We will demand reproductive rights and the right of all women to access the healthcare they need. We decry the attacks on Planned Parenthood and the attempt to push back the hard won gains of previous women’s movements. Three hundred and fifty one mandatory motherhood bills were proposed around the country and  in our national Congress and 33 were passed in April of this year. We call on federal and state legislatures to protect, rather than restrict, the rights of women to obtain all forms of healthcare, including birth control and abortion.

The renewed effort to control women is part of a larger reactionary trend, and is intimately linked to a number of other important issues. For instance, not content with setting back reproductive rights, right-wing Congress members have used the issue of abortion to turn back the clock on our understanding of sexual violence by introducing the phrase “forcible rape,” implying that some forms of rape are consensual.

We are Fed Up with the hypocrisy of legislators who claim to be pro-life as they cut funding for programs such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Headstart. We refuse to be silent any longer about the attempts to restrict freedom by enforcing a fundamentalist religious view upon all.  We are Fed Up with hawkish politicians and war profiteers waxing sentimental over fetuses as they send living children abroad to kill or be killed.

A new generation has recognized this regressive program and is ready to fight back.

Join us on Saturday, July 9th, to voice your support for women’s rights!


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