This is a grassroots effort to bring attention to the issues standing in the way of full equality for women. We’re kicking off our efforts with a rally and a march to support Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights on Saturday, July 9.

We believe that an actual, existing woman is more important than the potential human she contains and nurtures when she’s pregnant. That motherhood requires work and sacrifice which should be respected and appreciated, not mandated by the government.

Later in the year, in late September, we are organizing a Slutwalk (What’s a SlutWalk?). The date has tentatively been set for Sept. 24. If that changes we will be sure to let people know on this page and on the Facebook Page.

Send an email to fedupvt@gmail.com if you want to get involved, or call 802-589-4098.

Watch this space!


2 responses to “FED UP!

  • Peggy Luhrs

    Great! I’m fed up, furious and outraged at the idiots in Congress who are making laws to restrict women’ s reproductive rights and trying to redefine rape in the process. These guys hire prostitutes to diaper them and
    then come back to congress to wax righteous about women. Hypocrites to the nth degree. Is there a secret alliance between the Saudis and the neo-cons on the status of women? Same mandatory motherhood folks voting to restrict abortion are cutting off food for infants and children and always happy to kill brown children in other countries.

  • Ivana


    I hope the whole country will be able to hear our voices!!!!

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